Designed to Show

I would like to say that being picky counts when it comes to the choices that move forward into the show ring & for ones valued breeding program. I believe that not all dogs are meant for the show ring & some dogs were just meant to carry on the good traits we strive to keep & improve upon to better the breed. Having a CH (champion) before the name is a choice that takes deadication to the dog, the will to win, the flexability & time to show & the finacial means. I enjoy the sport of showing my dogs & love grooming them for show. The continued learning about this breed in all aspects is essencial to be successful. If you cant improve the breed or fall short by breeding the same structure over and over again without improvement then I as a breeder have failed. Even thou this is my hobby, I take it very seriously because I am working with Life. In my opinion the show dog must possess great qualities with structure, health & personality. See you at the Show! 


American Champion I Believe In Miracle's   2017


Mira was a Miracle baby. Being hand feed 1.5 weeks after birth and being a single pup in the litter her mom just could not sustain milk after much effort. Praying daily and sometimes hourly because of the health concerns at that age. So many times we did not think she would be able to make it through. But, as each day that went by and she was able to finally lick from a bowl she was getting healthier. She is the last off spring from my special girl Citrine. My first experience with artificially inceminated shipped semen and leaning how that all works and successfully. I am very proud to say that Mira has no health repercussions per the hard start in life & she IS a Shih Tzu Specialty Winner! What a ride I will never forget. Each day I say to her "Mira, Mira on the wall, whose the fairest of them all, Mira Is!"  lol                       God is Good!!!!     


American Champion Ryan's Bring It On   2017

Dev Dev 

Dev Dev was shown by myself & the lovely Ms. Devon Kipp. Love this girl and her proportions. Her white is white and she has lots of attitude. She has so much I like and cannot wait to see her future off spring.    


American, Canadian & International Champion MyDreams To Kiss A Girl   2017


Frankie came from Canada. Created by Pam Jodoin & Erin Fetter. A lovely moderate dog with no extremes strucually & who is very picky with his food choices (lol) & always happy to be around humans. Frankie received 5 Best of Breed Wins & a Toy Group Second during his short American Tour shown by Professional handler Ms. Devon Kipp and myself. On the International show circut he received a Best in Show and 2 Reserve Best in Shows. He received his Canadian Championship shown by his Breeder/Owner Pam Jodion. Thank you Julie and Pam for allowing me the oppertunity to have a peice of this wonderful pie. Frankie has qualities I look forward bringing into my program especially his PERFECT head. Very smart dog too!  


American Champion Ryan's Rumour Has It   2016


Love my pretty pretty girl who is sweet, loving & deadicated. I look forward to seeing her future off spring in hopes she will produce as pretty as a show puppy as she is. We had a lot of fun in the show ring together & thats what its all about. Adele finished her american championship quickly from the Bred by Class. Adele is the sister to Ariana & Tae below.   


American Champion Ryan's Almost Is Never Enough   2016


Ariana & Ms. Devon Kipp professional handler took off together on the road to have fun at the dog shows while I was busy showing Ariana's sister Adele above. It was amazing to watch the two together & how much Ariana really showed so well in Devon's hands vs mine. Once I seen them together in the ring perform, winning meant very little to me. Amazing Team!    


American Champion Ryan's For Some Special Reason   2016


I love my Finnegan cuz he just wants to Win Again! Undefeated & my FAVORITE color in a Shih Tzu! From the day he was born I knew their was something very special about him. We had a lot of fun at the few shows we went to & what a good boy! Finnegan is living the life with a fantastic family now & eating his Life's Abundance porky puffs! I am truely excited about his future litters here at Ryan's Shih Tzu.   


American Champion Ryan's Only Look At Me    2016


Tae resides with Sarah Bebee, sibling to Adele & Ariana. Handsome boy who is so deadicated to Sarah & showed beautifully under her hand. Tae finished his Championship at a young age owner handled by Sarah and received a toy group 2 during his career.   


American Champion Ryan's Caught In The Crossfire   2014


Dodger continues to live here with us. Sweet boy with qualities we want to move forward with in our breeding program. I did get the oppertunity to show Dodger at his first show for a major win.
Mr. Greg Larson professional handler moved forward with Dodger & completed his championship. 


American Champion Ryan's A Cut Above    2014


Style had lots of Style and thats how his name was deprived and what a mover in the show ring. He finished his championship very quickly as a puppy. Style continues to live his life on a lap.  


American Champion Ryan's Keeping The Balance   2014


Dori was shown to her championship by Corinne Kozlik and Owner Lisa Mckinney. Dori is a Sushi and Ji Yong daughter. Dori resides on someones lap now. 


American Champion Ryan's The Cutting Edge   2014


Sweet boy who was lots of fun to show. Brother to Style above. Finishing as a puppy and now living the life on a lap.   


American Grand Champion Sarjan's Fantastic Baby At Ryan's   2013 

Ji Yong

One of my favorite dogs. He was the perfect puppy in my eyes & was fun to show with my Jr. Handler friend Corinne. After Ji Yong finished his American Championship, Sarah obtained his Grand Championship.  Ji Yong continues to live with his owner & continues to throw his wonderful qualities in his off spring. Sire to Adele, Tae, Ariana & Dori.  


American Champion Ryan's Super Charged   2012   


Wow, what a mover & finished very fast as a puppy! My first solid black Shih Tzu. People told me to be patient with a solid black in the show ring. There was no patients to be had, the boy won almost everytime! Nitro continues to live his life on a lap.    


American Champion Karyon Oriental Impression   2011


My first black/white. Sushi was all about everything around her at her level on the ground. Getting this girls attention was like pulling teeth lol. Sushi is living the life on a lap now. We look forward in hopes to create some Sushi grandbabies here someday! She is the Dam to Nitro, Style, Cutter, Dori & Finnegin.  


American Champion Ryan's Reese's Pieces   2011


Reese was a deadicated sweet boy who made me proud in the show ring. His Dam was sent to Canada where the ledgendary Mrs. Marg Brown of Shente Shih Tzu choose the breeding creating this lovely boy.    


American Champion Promiseland's Power Gem At Ryan's     2011


Ruby is a deep beautiful burgandy in color & is retired living the wonderful life on a lap. We hope to continue on with her last off spring "Flame" - Ryan's Turn Up The Heat. Lori & I had a blast showing this lovely girl together & made many memories with her. Those were the good old days.  


American Champion Ryan's Candy Kisses   2011


Sweet face Poppy was a joy to show. Unique coloring for a top knot with the prettest eyes. Poppy is now living the life on a lap.   


American Champion Shente's Design By D'ior   2010


Sweetest, pretty pretty pretty & oh what fun we had showing.  Desi is now living the life on a lap. 


American Champion Wenrick's Digital Perfection   2010


This lil girl was the cutest of the cutest with a big personality! Pixie was so smart and learned very quickly and always gave high fives. Miss her much and she is living her life on a lap. 


American Champion Ryan's New Moon At Tianzi   2010 


Drake was a special boy who gave life to the show ring. Pam's first Shih Tzu show puppy and my first home bred Shih Tzu for show. Pam & Drake had fun winning even in the mud. Drake continues to produce his wonderful reach and drive in his off spring. 


American Champion Shente's Power Surge At Ryan's   2009


A lovely dog who loved to show. Flash carried on his traits to his off spring and I continue to keep a peice of him in our lines and heart. Thank You Mrs. Marg Brown for allowing me to have your show puppy that caught my eye on your kitchen floor.   


American Champion Shente's Sweet On You   2008


Beautiful girl with a fantastic head peice and much more. I loved her oriental look and miss her very much. She resides on a good friends lap. Thank You Mrs. Marg Brown for sharing your lovely girl with me.  


American Champion Barlar's Reach For The Sky   2008


What a beauty & one of the most perfect Shih Tzu I have had the oppertunity to own and show. Sky was fun to show and performed everytime to perfection.   


American, International Champion Seafal Aurora Borealis   2008


Aurora was so sweet, fun and loving. Jim Norman of Destiny Shih Tzu took me on a trip to Canada to get Aurora in which we had the short pleasure of owning her together before he passed away on the day she finished her championship.  


American Champion Destiny's Fantasy Starr Clyde   2007


My dear friend Jim Norman asked me to show his lovely boy. Winning back to back 5 point majors was amazing! We trained for a month and Clyde performed to perfection. He was also shown by Jim prior and shortly after Clyde finished his championship my dear wonderful friend passed away. He so dearly loved the Shih Tzu. I was truely blessed to have known him & honored to be able to show his boy. I will never forget the look on Jim's face when Clyde won & received the biggest hugs ever!   


American Champion Sarjan's Dragon Slayer  2006


Oh what a show dog & my first specials dog! Mushu lived up to his name & made me so proud. The bond we had was amazing. I will never forget my Mushu!  


American Champion Sarjan's How Do You Like Me Now  2004


My very first show puppy. What a experience learning with TK. I am so glad I started out with a solid gold black mask. Keeping white faces seemed to challenging for my first time. TK was deadicated and obedient. I was hooked after investing the time in this boy and material items to show. Plus my love to groom up the Shih Tzu was the most enjoyable. One of my favorite pictures ever taken with one of my favorite judges, Sandra Goose Allen.